Britt is FOUR!

It’s a BIG DAY in the Slaughter House!
Miss Britt Bradford turns FOUR!

This sweet girl is full of spunk, sass, and personality.  She can speak her mind with just one look.  And let me tell you-she can give a LOOK.

 She’s grown so very much this past year.  She played soccer this fall, is still taking ballet and tap classes, and is loving her five-day-a-week preschool class.

 Two and a half years ago this girly of mine was quiet, shy, stoic, and afraid of letting anyone in.  Now she bee bops around the baseball field so confidently she has other dads picking her up, offering her snacks, and asking about her soccer schedule.  Did I mention she’s small, but she has a big personality?

And today, she’s skipping school for a fun little birthday treat-Marla and I are taking her to the American Girl Store!  We’ll follow the day up with a family dinner tonight to celebrate!

Happy, Happy Birthday Britt Bradford!  We LOVE you so very much!

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