Bowen is FOUR!

This past Sunday this cutie turned FOUR!  We began the morning in a rush by being at church at 7:30 a.m.  I made cinnamon rolls-his request and we were out the door!  M and G came to last church service and then we all left to eat lunch.

After lunch, he opened his presents from us.  He is by far my easiest kid to buy gifts for.  He likes everything!  We played and rested for a bit and then it was PARTY TIME!

Andrea made the cutest dinosaur invitations.

I decided to have the part at Play Street Museum.  If you’re local, you should check it out!  It’s a cute little play place that’s open for free play during the week and birthday parties on the weekend.  My favorite part about it is the place is crazy clean!  The lady working was fabulous during the party and so helpful!  It was great.  Seriously, can’t say enough nice things about Play Street.

A few months before Bowen’s party, I heard about a local restaurant, Top Dog Tacos, that caters.  A FB friend had them cater a birthday party and they brought the cutest little hot dog cart.  I contacted them and was so glad I did.  They were also great to work with!  They brought a hot dog cart, all the toppings, drinks, and chips.  They made my job SO easy!

This kid was stoked about hanging with all his friends!

The week before Thanksgiving I ordered a few dinosaur decorations to help make it a little more festive.

The hot dog area…they even made a specialty dog for Bowen’s big day (for the grown-ups).

 Ready to celebrate!

 This girl had to be dragged out of this little ice cream shop!  She had a blast playing the entire time!

This is Gray, one of Bowen’s preschool classmates. Bowen’s a big fan.  Can you tell?  🙂

Everyone was too busy playing to pause for a picture.  

Libby was happy to be there. 🙂

We had cute little dinosaur masks on the table for everyone.

Do you recognize any of these dinosaurs?

He had his girl by his side.  🙂

I cannot believe he’s FOUR!

The best group picture.  #itried

Bowen had the VERY best day and party!  We partied hard!  Thanks to everyone for all the birthday wishes.  XOXO

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