Batter Up…

My cousin plays baseball for Southeast Missouri State University. They’re playing DBU this weekend. So, we headed out to the ball game yesterday afternoon. I tried to take a cute picture of the back of Nixon’s shirt. My aunt had shirts made for the kiddos with Kody’s number. Too cute!
Ebby Lee loved all the snacks and food that goes along with a baseball game!

Go Redhawks!!

The kids were SO good for the first 4 innings. Then they’d had enough. They got their new baseball gloves (courtesy of Aunt Sandi) and went out to play some ball with Daddy.

Ebby Lee & Aunt Sandi…Ebby Lee just turned her head!! Ugh!

Watching Kody get ready to bat.

Nixon is obviously ALL boy. By the end of the game, he was covered in dirt/grass. He’d been eating the same sucker since the beginning of the game, so it was covered in dirt/grass/who knows what. He was even playing with old sunflower seeds that somebody had probably spit out of their mouth! I thought about hosing him down before letting him in the house last night! ALL BOY!

Picture time with our favorite player!! Check out Nixon’s big cheesy grin. The rest of the night we heard, “Miss Kody”, “Where’s Kody”, “See Kody”, etc. ALL from Nixon. Think Kody has a little admirer!!

We are SO glad that SEMO played close to us this year!! We had a great time hanging out and watching the baseball game. Kody, Nixon can’t wait to see you soon!!

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