ALL THE CHRISTMAS Recommendations in One Big Post

Okay, I think I’ve told you before but-I LOVE HEARING what others are asking for for Christmas, what others are buying for gifts, what’s on others lists, and on and on.  I think it goes back to me being nosey.  ha!  But I also get great ideas from girlfriends and sweet readers like you.

These are some tried and true items we already own and love.  I tried to think outside of the box on some of my favorites so instead of sharing a sweater and a cute scarf-if you’re looking for something different-I hope this helps!

Porefessional Face PrimerThis primer is GOOD.  This leaves my face feeling silky smooth…it makes my make-up go on so well.  The primer comes in a variety of sizes and would make a great gift OR the perfect stocking stuffer.

Slow Cooker-I waited forever to bite the bullet on this slow cooker.  What was I waiting for?!  I use this multiple times a week.  Just like a cost for wear pair of shoes…it’s totally worth the price tag.

Sorel Boots-I love my Hunter Rain Boots, but sometimes you have to look nice in the rain.  These boots are perfect for those days.  

Ground Meat Chopper-Yes.  I’m talking about it AGAIN!  This little item is my favorite kitchen utensil.  It makes browning any ground meats SO MUCH EASIER!  

Kindle-Thanks to Shay…this is on my list for you.  I LOVE my kindle!  I have no doubts you’d love one too.  It’s so much easier to throw this in my bag when traveling.  I can read mine for days without needing to charge it.  And the light is so helpful-especially in a hotel room with others.

I began making a cute little collage with some of Tab’s favorite things and I couldn’t get past this gift, the Yeti Backpack Cooler.  The kids and I gifted this to Tab for Father’s Day this past year and it was a huge hit!  There’s no doubt I can’t recommend anything that gets anywhere close to measuring up.  It was PERFECT for the beach and with kids and ALL THE THINGS to haul this cooler was so easy to carry.  We’ve used it at sporting events…all day baseball tournament?  We were SET with this cooler!  If you’re looking for a great gift for the man in your life, well look no further!

For the kiddos…{I shared these ideas in a post a while back but I’m adding them here so they’re all together}

Garmin Vivofit Jr.I got these watches for Nixon and Ebby Lee last Christmas.  They wore them all the time until their bands broke {so I’d think about getting a replacement band for back up-I didn’t have those and we lost the actual watch part when they broke}, which happened because you had to stretch the band to get them on/off.  My favorite thing is they could set the timer on the watch, always knew what time it was, and WATERPROOF!  I’d highly recommend these for gifts!  All three of my big kiddos will be getting one this year!

Dude PerfectI’ve shared before we’re Dude Perfect fans in our house!  Whether it’s a Dude Perfect t-shirt, hat, or toy my boys are all about any of the above.  If you have a Dude Perfect loving kiddo, you might want to check these out.

Nerf GunsThese are a can’t miss with my boys.  Did you guys know you can pay $7 for a teeny Nerf Gun and go all the way up to $300 for one with all the bells and whistles?  I didn’t know that until I was searching.  WHOA!  My kiddos do not have those particular guns in their closets.  😉  These make great birthday gifts as well.  They’re my go-to for boy’s gifts.

Favorite Player Jersey-Nixon’s at an age where he’s not “into” many toys.  Last year he got a favorite player’s football jersey for Christmas and was a big fan.  If you have a kiddo who’s into sports, grab his favorite jersey.

Basketball, Football, Soccer Ball, Kickball, Tennis Balls…you get the idea.-95 percent of my boys time at home they’re outside throwing, kicking, or passing some kind of ball.  It doesn’t matter how many they already own, they get excited about a new one.

I-Pad Mini-My big kiddos got these for Christmas one year.  We leave them put up most of the time so when we head out on a trip, have a crazy rainy weekend, or just for a more special occasion…they’re a treat!  You can find refurbished I-Pads and other devices for great prices right now.

Race Track-I got this for Nixon years ago based on the recommendation of a friend with a kiddo a little bit older and we still have this track upstairs.  Anytime other kids are over I hear them playing with it.

Sleeping Bag-All four kiddos got these last year and we use them all the time!  We let our kids sleep in our room once a week and they use their sleeping bags.

Bike-This is pretty self-explanatory.  🙂

American Girl Dolls and Accessories-Ebby Lee goes in and out of stages where she’s really interested in her American Girl dolls and then she won’t play with them for ages, but the good news is those dolls and accessories are built to last.  Britt will get the satisfaction of playing with them-as well as grand babies.

Easel-Ebby Lee’s favorite thing to play is “school”.  She got an easel for her birthday one year{I think} and still plays with it.  

Okay, I think that wraps up the Slaughter recommendations.  If you’re looking for a gift and just aren’t sure, try one of these! 


Please know I’m so very thankful for each and every one of you who reads here.  I know there’s not enough time in the day so knowing that you cut out time to stop by and read means so very much.  Thank you-from the bottom of my heart.  I hope you have a great Thanksgiving.  

Happy Thanksgiving, Friends!

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  1. 11.21.18
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    So many great recommendations!!! Andrew probably needs that Yeti backpack too!

  2. 11.21.18
    Dustie Day said:

    Happy Thanksgiving, Erika! All of us readers are thankful for you 🙂

  3. 11.21.18
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    TOTALLY agree on the Yeti cooler. Chris LOVES his and we always marvel at how long it keeps ice without melting!

  4. 11.21.18
    Andrea - Momfessionals said:

    Such a great list! And I third the yeti cooler!

  5. 11.21.18
    Toni :0) said:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Thanks for being a fun blog read.

  6. 11.21.18
    Julie Bradford said:

    awesome ideas.. I am gonna get the meat chopper for me and my mom 🙂 I did order Jessi and Julia the Garmin Jr's off Amazon for Christmas and can't wait to see their reaction.. they've been dying for a Fitbit like mommy so I'm excited!!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your sweet family!!!