Adoption Update-3 Years and 2 Months

 Whoa!  I have so many mixed feelings as I calculate that number…three years and two months a SLAUGHTER…in some ways it feels like I remember every thought I had just three years and two months ago.  My emotions from that journey are so fresh, but on the flip side it seems like Britt has been a SLAUGHTER forever.  FOREVER!

You guys asked for an adoption update and I’m here for it today! 

Britt is doing so well.  She’s become little Miss Independent.  She moves her stool from room to room so she can reach the sink, the refrigerator, the water, etc.  You name it, that girl will figure out a way to get to or reach whatever it is she’s looking for.  I’m pretty sure Shakespeare had Britt in mind when he said, “Though she be but little she is fierce.”  That sums her right up.  She’s tough, she’s scrappy, she can be in princess heels in one minute and dribbling a basketball amidst neighborhood boys the next.  And she does it all just barely hitting the charts in the height and weight department for her age.  See?  Shakespeare knew what he was talking about.  Super tiny, but FIERCE.

This slower paced, quarantine life has been great for Britt’s speech.  She’s talking and interacting all day long so her speech lately has just continued to improve.  At preschool she was hearing language all day {which was great} but here at home she’s on the speaking end of almost every single word.  Sometimes I wish she’d take a pause.  Mamas, do you remember this phase?

It wasn’t too long ago when we were just praying for her to use words more.  Well, let me tell you.  Answered prayer #2348.

We’ve started working on a few things at home because she has a lot of ground to cover before she heads to kindergarten next year.  I CANNOT believe it’s just NEXT YEAR!  In preparation, we’ve upped our reading game and are working on letters and numbers as well.

The biggest prayer that I prayed was for Britt’s attachment to our family and I can’t even begin to describe how I see that answered prayer numerous times throughout my day.  She is fully, one hundred percent attached to all five of us.  And the feeling is mutual.  😉

When I asked my family their favorite thing about Britt, here are their responses…

Tab-“Her personality-she’s fun, sassy, cute, and smart, and she knows how to use all of those to get what she wants.”
Ebby Lee-“She’s so energetic and playful!  She just makes everybody so happy.”
Nixon-“She’s really funny and so cute.”
Bowen-“She has the cutest cheeks.”
{Bowen’s always had a thing for cheeks.  Remember THIS POST?}

This girl lights up a room and turns us all into putty in her tiny hands.  We love her so very much and can’t wait to see God has in store.

I say this in every adoption post but ADOPTION IS AMAZING!  There’s simply no other way to describe it.  God knew this sweet girl would make the perfect fit for our family.  All we had to do was listen.  If God is speaking to you about adoption, I pray you’ll listen and act.
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Thank you so much for reading today!

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  1. 7.23.20
    Elspeth Mizner said:

    I feel like she’s always been a part of your family! Thank you so much for opening up and sharing her with us!

  2. 7.23.20
    Sarah said:

    It will be one year next month with our little guy and oh my, could I relate to so many of your prayers. His speech and attachment are still prayers I pray everyday and it's been amazing to see God's hand in every step from bringing him home through this past year of ups and downs. Thank you for sharing your heart and I'm so glad she is doing so well!:)

  3. 7.23.20
    Karen k said:

    My adopted daughter will be turning 20 next week! Don’t blink! It goes by so fast. God knew what he was doing when he sent us our daughter. She is the light of my life and 100% a mini me!

  4. 7.23.20
    Rachelle Kumle said:

    Such a sweet post!

    For at-home preschool, check out BusyToddler on Instagram. She has the “Playing Preschool” curriculum for multiple years of school. She’s a former teacher and all of her content is great!

  5. 7.23.20
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    Miss Britt is adorable and sassy! You know I always love the hands on her hips pics. 🙂 So happy and thankful you LISTENED! And that Bowen has always been a cheek man! Haha!

  6. 7.23.20
    Karen Ward said:

    I can definitely see all the positive changes in her since she has been a part of your family. She just glows!!

  7. 7.23.20
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    Oh Britty Britt! We love you SO MUCH!!! You were always and forever meant to be a Slaughter.

  8. 7.23.20
    Deena said:

    Thanks for the update on Brit! She really has come a long way. Her personality just seems to shine in photos and it’s clear how much love she's surrounded by.

  9. 7.24.20
    Joann said:

    I use ABC Jesus Loves Me for preschool and my girls have loved it!

  10. 7.24.20
    Kelly Henderson said:

    She is growing in all the best ways! As for speech, we waited three years for our now 13 year old to talk plus 3 more years of speech therapy. We are a convinced he has an unlimited word quota because he talks nonstop now.