Adoption Month

Friends, we’re talking about something super near and dear to my heart…adoption

November is a big month in the adoption world…it’s Adoption Awareness Month.  And Orphan Sunday is in there as well-this year it was November 12th.

Shay and I decided we wanted to be apart of bringing awareness to the adoption world as well.  And therefore these blog posts were born.  🙂  Be sure to check out Shay’s post where she’s answering some of her most asked questions about adoption.

It’s no secret.  I’ve shared before {and share ALL THE TIME} about how emotional post-adoption Erika is.  Adoption has changed me.  A pastor in our church adopted a couple years ago and spoke last year on Orphan Sunday.  It was amazing {you can watch it here}.  He kept saying that adoption had wrecked him.  I didn’t understand then what he meant, but now I get it.  I’m so crazy emotional about this.  The thought of all those babies {babies just like Britt, Madeley, Ashby, Willow, Quinn, Collins, and Nella} spending countless days in an orphanage with no one to hug them in the morning, no one to snuggle them when they’re not feeling well, and no one to sing them, “Jesus Loves Me” at the end of the night-just wrecks me.  I’m heartbroken for those children.

I just shared recently how shocked I was at the way the love of a family can change a child.  I had no idea.  When we came home with Britt, she was not making many sounds and she was sitting {scooting a little}.  She was very delayed compared to our American born into a family children.  We began therapy in August and it’s been amazing for her.  But to be honest, I think she would have been fine without the therapy.  {I wanted to do everything we could to get her caught up as soon as possible so we’ll continue it until she doesn’t need it anymore.}  The love of a family has changed that girl in so many ways.  For one, she tries her hardest to keep up with the other kiddos.  She doesn’t see anyone else scooting around so she doesn’t want to be scooting either.  Now she does something as simple as put a block back in the basket and throws her hands up like TA-DA!  And you know why she does that now?  Because we all cheer and we praise her for cleaning up.  Do you think anyone was cheering for her in that orphanage?  I sure hope they were, but odds are-NO.  She has her people now.  In the middle of the night, if she wakes up she doesn’t need milk or a snack, she needs her mama to hold her. She needs to be comforted by me.  The love of a family can work wonders in these kids’ lives.  We’re experiencing it first hand.  It’s simply amazing.

This child pictured above is a completely different child than this one…

All because the love of a family {and on this particular night a bit of Halloween candy}.

This year on Orphan Sunday we had a guest speaker who was very well-versed in fostering.  He and his wife have fostered to adopt many children.  {you can watch it here.} Maybe God isn’t calling you to go across the world to adopt, but maybe you have an extra bedroom and an extra seat in your car?  Maybe God’s calling you to open your home to a child in your area that needs the love of a family.

You must listen to this song.  Maybe grab some tissues first and then listen. 😉

I realize God calls us all to different things.  Maybe God isn’t calling you to adopt or foster, but maybe the way you’re meant to help is by giving?  There are tons of places out there for you to donate to help these precious kiddos.  First of all, do you know anyone who’s in the midst of adoption?  If so, I’d recommend praying about donating money to a particular family.  I just talked to a lady last week who told me when they started the process they had no clue where all the money would come from, but they were trusting God.  She told me that every time money was due, God provided…in bonuses from work, by friends randomly donating money, etc.  God will provide, but he might be using YOU to make that happen.  Or…have you heard of  the Morning Star Foundation?  Morning Star’s mission is to help needy and abandoned children with severe heart disease in China and Uganda.  I’ve been following Meredith via Instagram for a couple years now and this past summer Shay and I got to meet up with her for coffee.  {She’s just as amazing in real life as she is on social media.}  Meredith manages the Morning Star foster home in China for kiddos with complex heart disease.  When we chatted with her, her love for Jesus AND those kiddos shone right through.  Morning Star accepts donations and all the money goes directly to help the children in their care.

What is God calling YOU to do?  Maybe he’s calling YOUR family to adopt?  Maybe he’s calling YOU to open your home to a foster child?  Or maybe he’s calling YOU to give?  My hope today is that you’ll begin praying about what God is calling you to do.  Please know I’m praying for you today.

If you’ve adopted, are in the process of adopting, or are fostering, I’d love for you to comment with your child’s name.  We’d love to be praying for these precious kiddos today {and you as well}.

And if you want to learn more about adoption, you can read through our story…

Adoption Questions Answered…

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Thank you so much for reading today!

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  1. 11.16.17
    Kate H said:

    Carter … thank you xoxo

  2. 11.16.17
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    I'm so blessed to get to walk this road of adoption with you, friend. xo

  3. 11.16.17
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    The first step of answering the call has to be so hard for so many families. I believe your posts will make answering that call a little easier, a little less scary. Having a front row seat to the process through your families has been an absolute joy, and I'm so proud to be your friend!

  4. 11.16.17
    Sarah said:

    I needed several tissues to make it through this blog post! Thank you for posting on the sweetness and gift of adoption today ☺️

  5. 11.16.17
    Anonymous said:

    I just love this post, friend! What a blessing it is with so much information! Adoption IS amazing!

  6. 11.16.17
    Unknown said:

    Michael…thanks so much for the prayers!!! We are fostering!!

  7. 11.16.17
    Unknown said:

    My girls are both adopted (domestic infant adoptions)… Daphne (almost 9) & Violet (7).

    Love the spotlight you all are putting on this super awesome way to build a family.

  8. 11.16.17
    Melissa said:

    My husband and I have been foster parents for 15 years. We have had the privilege of loving on 21 kids during that time. Some have been able to return to their birth families, some have been adopted by others and 6 have stayed right here. We have 3 biological children, 4 legally adopted children, and 2 that we are raising even though adoption is not possible. When we started this journey so long ago, I could never have imagined the life we live now. It's more complicated and beautiful than anything I could have anticipated! God walks beside me everyday helping me, help His children grow!
    Michael, Jonah, AnnaElise, Olivia, Caleb, Hannah, Malakai, Garrett, Levi

  9. 11.16.17
    Erin Good said:

    We adopted twins – Klyvlnd & Kaylyn. Thank you for saying yes to God! It’s been a joy to watch your journey!

  10. 11.16.17
    Anonymous said:

    Thank you for this post! Amazing, can't wait to watch the links you provided. My husband and I are foster parents currently to a little guy that could possibly be adopted in the near future. We are just taking it one day at a time.

  11. 11.16.17
    Britt Hensley said:

    I love seeing how God continues to work through this adoption! He’s so, so good! Thanks for sharing with us!

  12. 11.16.17
    Whitney Pegram said:

    I love this! God is so good!!

  13. 11.16.17
    A.K.W. said:

    My Gotcha Day was 34 years ago on October 28th!


  14. 11.16.17
    EKelly said:

    We are LID and waiting to be matched with the little boy in China we've been praying for! Right now he is fondly referred to as "littlest brother" by our other 3 kiddos. His name is TBD 🙂

  15. 11.16.17
    Kelley said:

    Thanks for sharing. It has always been on my heart that I may someday adopt. It isn't something we can do right now, but we pray and hope we can one day.

  16. 11.16.17
    live compassionately said:

    This was beautiful. I have worked in the child welfare system and adoption is a beautiful thing. Thank you for continuing to bring awareness to the need for foster and adoptive homes!

  17. 11.16.17
    Jess said:

    Love this post! Our daughter Lainey was adopted from China in 2014 and her baby sister's coming home in 2018. We're just waiting to be matched. 🙂 I actually just journaled about God's faithfulness in providing for this adoption (in crazy unexpected ways!) –

  18. 11.16.17
    ACV said:

    Gotcha Day for our Libby is on Monday, in Chongqing!!! Thank you, Erika!!

  19. 11.16.17
    AbigailCarter said:

    Beautiful post! My son, Dane, was adopted domestically (newborn) and it was an amazing experience. You can read his birth story here if you would like…it is pretty incredible. My husband and I have just started the international process and we will be going to China to bring home our next child! We couldn't be more thrilled. So we are adoption people – both domestic and international by the time we bring our next child home! If the standard way of creating a family had worked for us, we never would have met our son Dane (and our soon-to-be cutie). I wouldn't be a mother without it. Adoption is amazing!

  20. 11.16.17
    Kara said:

    Violet has been with us for going on 4 years. She's a ward of the state and we are hoping to finalize the adoption soon. Adoption posts are my favorite.

  21. 11.16.17
    Heather Lockhart said:

    What a blessing that House and Senate leaders did not get rid of the Adoption Tax credit in the new tax plan. It would've been so devastating to families wishing to adopt here or abroad.

  22. 11.16.17
    Alicia Marie said:

    I was doing great, until I read the quote about being called Mommy and I lost it. Adoption has also wrecked me.

    We adopted our sweet Maggie in August. While we originally were heading to Uganda, ultimately we were lead to the China program and I have so enjoyed reading both Shay and your blogs. It was so helpful as we walked the same path. I've blogged about our adoption experience at fedell

    Adoption is amazing.

  23. 11.16.17
    Sara said:

    Our son, William Jiansheng Cordell came home in 2015. We are praying about another adoption, please keep the Cordell family ( and our future little love ) in your prayers ❤️

  24. 11.17.17
    Simple Purposeful Living said:

    We celebrated our nephew's 2nd gotcha day yesterday. HE forever changed my heart on adoption :). We are the lucky ones TRULY! xoxo ERIN. PS I balled and shared that song, oh my heavens SO good!

  25. 11.17.17
    J Whitney said:

    Prayers for Bella our 15 month old foster daughter and for her Bio mother.

  26. 11.18.17
    my3 kids said:

    Kira from Vietnam
    Emma from China. Thank you❤️

  27. 7.24.19
    Gregory Davis said:

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