A Story From Way Back

I was talking to a sweet friend at church yesterday who will send her second kiddo to college this fall.  The conversation took me back.  Way back.  Back to my days of really bleach-blonde hair and bushy eyebrows.  🙂
EEK!  Can you find me?  I must say that most people have an awkward stage around junior high or middle school.  I had that AND I had it again my freshman year of college!!  hahahaha!  My hair was too light and my eyebrows were too thick.  Oh my goodness!  

 And another awkward photo because one just wouldn’t be good enough.  🙂

I went to college at Arkansas State University where I knew one girl.  That’s it.  I didn’t know her well.  We met in the cafeteria one day for lunch and pretty much never hung out again.  So…I was definitely all on my own.  I moved in with a roommate I’d talked to once on the phone.  To say we didn’t hit it off would be the biggest understatement of m life!  I did make a couple friends on my floor. Luckily, my mom had signed me up for this freshman thing at the Baptist Collegiate Ministry (or BSU at some places), so I went.  I made some great friends, felt super welcome, grew so much in my spiritual walk, and continued going back all year long.

The summer after my freshman year I went on a beach trip with the church I attended in Jonesboro.  Just randomly I bunked in a room with these four girls for the week and we became the best of friends. God totally knew what he was doing when we all bunked up in this room.

Randomly someone had packed a LOT of floral clothes, so we had our own theme night.  

Seriously…these girls were my home away from home.  They were my biggest cheerleaders, my shoulder to cry on, and so much fun to girl talk with.  We had sleepovers, girl’s nights, dinners, and made tons of memories along the way.

I will be forever thankful God sent these ladies my way.  I couldn’t have made it through college without them.  Over time I’ve lost touch with a few of them, but I don’t take a second of the special friendships we had for granted.

So now that you see those sweet roommates of mine. I have a super crazy random story about us…

My junior year of college I lived with three of these other girls in an apartment on campus.  On a random Thursday morning I woke up and got ready for class.  One other roommate was also up eating breakfast.  We noticed a strange guy laying on our couch.  For some reason we both assumed it was one of the other girl’s boyfriend’s friend.  Have no clue why, but we did!  Anyway, we made sure we were super quiet so we wouldn’t disturb him.  The other two girls came out later to get ready for their classes and the strange guy started moving.  They instantly recognized him as the Vice-President of our Student Government Association.  I don’t know about you guys but those SGA’s peoples pictures were all over during election time.  They started asking him a TON of questions and both the girls and random SGA guy were both so confused!!  Turns out….the last person in our apartment didn’t close the door completely.  This SGA guy was at a party and had too much to drink.  He thought he was heading to a friend’s apartment and when he tried our door (thinking it was his friend’s) it opened!  Luckily, he crashed on our couch.  We would have flipped if he would have opened one of our rooms!!  To make it all worse, he knew we all recognized him AND he had some kind of accident with his bodily fluids on our couch.  DISGUSTING!  He was SO embarrassed (which he should have been), apologetic, and so sorry.  He asked to take our couch cushions to have them dry cleaned.  We let him.  🙂  And have been laughing about the craziness of this story every since.  Isn’t that nuts??

Do you guys have a story like that?  I have a few more crazy college stories I should start sharing.  Comment with your crazy college story too!  I’d love to read all about it!  

It’s Day #1 of Spring Break for us and we’re starting it off sleeping in late!  WAHOO!

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  1. 3.9.15
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    I love the college pictures!! You look so cute in all of them! And listen, I'm so glad he dry cleaned your couch cushions…eeeeew!

  2. 3.9.15
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    I AM LAUGHING SO HARD! Now THAT is a crazy college story! Poor guy!!!!

  3. 3.9.15
    Anonymous said:

    Haha! College is crazy, but it has the best stories! So funny, friend!!

  4. 3.9.15
    Elaine Welte said:

    I'm dying to know who it was!!!!

  5. 3.9.15
    Unknown said:

    soooo funny!!!! ohhh college… it comes with the BEST stories!

  6. 3.9.15
    Janet said:

    I have some of the best college stories. But most should not be made public. hahaha. I now have a daughter in college. Sometimes I cringe. And pray a lot.

  7. 3.9.15
    Anonymous said:

    I think you looked (and still look) cute. 🙂

  8. 3.9.15
    live compassionately said:

    I have one that didn't happen to me, but it is about my friend group! My college rents out Six Flags in Dallas every year for a night (I'm Nazarene and they call it Naz night so people from Nazarene churches all over Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas come to this event). One of my friends saw a guy she thought she knew and yelled "NICK!" and went running up to him and beat hugged him. Turns out she did not know him, he just looked like someone she knew. Even crazier is that his name is Nick so he was really confused! He ended up becoming one of our best friends!

    • 3.11.15
      live compassionately said:

      I just came back to look at this and felt the need to clarify that I meant bear hugged not beat hugged. Thanks for that, auto correct!

  9. 3.9.15
    Anonymous said:

    You were adorable! !!
    Hilarious college story! I only recently heard that if someone drank too much, they can wet their pants while they're sleeping! And they don't realize it until they wake up! Aaahhh

  10. 3.10.15
    Leigh said:

    Haha!!!! I have so many crazy stories from college! Oh my goodness! I went to the BCM – Baptist Campus Ministries – at my school. I loved every minute of it, got super involved and made some of my best friends to this day through that group.

  11. 3.10.15
    MM said:

    I decided my freshman year in college to "free" a mouse from the Biology lab. A guy friend helped in my rescue of one white lab mouse. I named him "Word to the Mother" (keep in mind, this was 1990) and called him Word for short. All the football guys on my dorm floor were petrified of him and I found that so amusing. Word lived for about three months. One day, he swelled up, didn't eat, bit me and died soon after. In hindsight, probably not the smartest of ideas.

    I also sledded (is that a word?) down huge hills behind my dorm on my mattress at 4 am the night before finals. My friends and I decided this was what we needed to do to unwind after lots of studying. I was being kept toasty warm by a few drinks and rolled into my Russian exam at 8 am. I don't even remember how we got the mattresses in the elevator (my room was on the 6th floor).

    My daughter is now a college freshman. I told her no freeing of mice or sledding down hills on mattresses!