A Little Motivational Speech

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt that way??  I should see lots of hands going up!  🙂

Okay girls!!  I don’t know about you, but I have a problem.  It’s only December 8th and I’m already losing motivation to move around our Elf.  Sigh.  I figured if I was feeling this way then surely a few of you were too.  So…I’m here to motivate us.  Think of it as an “Elf on the Shelf Motivational Speech”.  hahahaha!  Seriously…that’s what I’m trying to do here.  🙂

I had great ideas, but pretty much only executed two.  The rest of the week was spent throwing our elf some where quickly before the kiddos came downstairs!  

With these cute ideas, we will be super stars this week!

This is where our Elf will be this week…
Found this little gem and it looks easy, right??  I can totally do this!!  You can too.

Nixon would FLIP over this idea.  It looks like the elf’s “mask” was made with a tiny piece of ribbon.  I can handle that!

This idea is going to be my big whopper for the week!!  haha!  It’s going to take some work, but they will LOVE it!

I got everything I’d need for this “Candy Cane Garden” last week and it just didn’t happen. The first day your elf leaves peppermints (candy cane seeds), oatmeal (magical dirt), and red/white sprinkles (candy cane fertilizer).  The kiddos “plant” that the first day and the second day….

How excited would your kiddos be???  Mine would absolutely LOVE it!!

Love the idea of the elf “toilet papering” our Christmas tree!!  I had this written down to last week too and realized we had only one roll of toilet paper left!  So I had to postpone!

Our elf is going to leave instructions and a little bit of cash to help us shop for our Angel Tree kiddo.  Our elf needs to be caring too, right??

This idea seems super easy and quick to pull off.  Have your elf make a snow angel out of sprinkles??  I’ve also seen flour.  Use whatever you have, ladies!  

We’re holding each other accountable!!  Set your alarms the night before.  Have your husband remind you.  Not sure what your plan to remember is, but we have this ladies!!  Our elf will be awesome this week!!  Say it with me, “We can do this”!  🙂  How was that for an elf motivational speech?? 

Happy Monday!!  Move those elves, Mamas!!

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  1. 12.8.14
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    All such good ideas! I'm totally stealing some this week!

  2. 12.8.14
    Anonymous said:

    Awesome ideas!! I love it!!

  3. 12.8.14
    Kimm said:

    Girl I am with you on the elf thing…don't be surprised if you see the candy cane garden on my Instagram this week! Love how everyone shares their elf ideas,,,,,only 17 more days of the elf!!!!

  4. 12.8.14
    Unknown said:

    Such cute ideas that I can not wait to try! Thanks for the pep talk.

  5. 12.8.14
    Unknown said:

    Our elf was late coming back due to "bad weather at the North Pole" and now he's only moved twice. I really needed this motivation!! Thanks 🙂

  6. 12.8.14
    Elaine Welte said:

    Gretchen got up at midnight last night, and I woke up to make sure she wasn't stealing a homemade chocolate chip cookie. Which was when I realized that our elf wasn't moved. I made sure she was back in her bed, moved that elf and went back to sleep myself!

  7. 12.8.14
    Olivia at Joyfully Prudent said:

    Hahaha…I have that candy cane plant on the agenda as well. Saw that on Pinterest and thought how cute (except a real candy cane). I search Instagram #elfontheshelf before I go to bed to usually get an idea if I don't have one yet. It's been really helpful. People are too creative for me to sit around and think of ideas 🙂 Love the snowman and bedroom door idea.

    • 12.9.14
      Kimm said:

      I hear ya Girl. I'm totally guilty of "borrowing" elf iseas

  8. 12.8.14
    The Rodriguez Crew said:

    hahah this was SO ME last night!! And my husband literally shot out of bed at 430am and said in my face, DID YOU MOVE THE ELF!?! It's an ordeal I tell you! haha!! I did the flour last year, and had to beat that Elf to a pulp to get the flour all off!! Use sprinkles!! haha!! I can handle the ninja turtles, good one!! 🙂

  9. 12.8.14
    Shelly @ The Queen in Between said:

    All fun and easy ideas! Check out #unshelfyoelf2014 on Instagram….we created the hashtag and lots of people have shared great ideas that are also simple. Our elf is "riding" in the dryer with barbies today like a roller coaster…stinker!

  10. 12.8.14
    Kristen Gerdel said:

    I was that mom running down the stairs yesterday morning to move that Elf before my girls came down. I pulled it off though…PHEW! Thanks for the ideas!!

  11. 12.8.14
    Unknown said:

    I totally relate and this is our first year! My daughter is also 8 and is kind of catching on so I feel even more pressure to come up with really creative ideas. Last night the elf put a Rudolph nose on her older brother's school picture. She loved it!