A Little Bit of the Boys

Christmas shopping is going down for real in my house this week!  I get so many ideas from friends and other bloggers sharing what their kids are asking for every year.  I thought it might be helpful to you if you have a boy around either Nixon’s or Bowen’s age.  Most of these items are new to them but a few are things we already own.

1. Hoverboard-My boys are probably the only on the planet who don’t own a hoverboard.  Nixon is finally asking this year and I’m ALL about gifts that require them to GET OUTSIDE!

2.  Air Force 1s-I was the most shocked by this request on Nixon’s list.  He’s asking for SHOES!   How old is HE?!  He politely asked for this exact pair of Nike’s.

3.  Football Trainer-While my boys have a built-in playmate when it comes to all things sports, they can also turn any thing into a game or competition.  Nixon explained to me that often when he and Bowen are throwing to each other he gets too caught up in Bowen’s catch that he loses sight of his throw.  Now, was that a big old line to talk me into this gift for Christmas?  Maybe!  But I bought it.

4.  Agility Ladder-Remember that competition thing my boys do?  They’ll time each other and set up cones to make it a whole thing.  Plus it’s outside, which is my favorite!

5.  Fishing BackpackBoth Slaughter boys got bit by the fishing bug over the summer so way back in the summer {which in 2020 somehow feels years ago} they both asked for a backpack to haul all their fishing supplies.

6. Jersey-Nixon only has one jersey on his list this year.  #shocker

7. Team Sweatshirt-If you have a sports loving kid in your life, then any goodie featuring their favorite team will be a hit…sweatshirt, jersey, hat, socks. etc.

8. Fishing Stuff-I have no words for any of these fishing items.  I’m just hoping it’ll help him catch a big one.

9. More Fishing Supplies-Tools are always needed.  Right?

10. Scale-Sometimes the stories I hear make me think a scale is a must. 😉

11. Epic Bible Storybook-I got a good recommendation for this Bible for boys so we’re giving it a shot.


1. Air Force 1s-This was highly encouraged by his older brother’s selection.  The benefit of having an older brother is you often times ask for things you otherwise wouldn’t even know existed.  

2. Inflatable Football Toss-Spoiler Alert-my boys both LOVE this!  We’ve gotten approximately three of them and they are always a hit but they get too rough and the inflatable guy pops.

3. Buildable Stadium-If you have a sports’ fan on your hands, I highly recommend a buildable stadium for his favorite team. These are recommended for 12 and up so just be prepared to help a bit.

4. Baseball Jersey-Jerseys are always hits in our house!

5. Buildable Helmet-Once again, favorite sports’ team and a few hours of quiet time while this gets built.  I will tell you Ebby Lee has already told Bowen she’ll help him. 

6. Science Set-This could be a big hit or a big miss but it’ll for sure give them something to do inside on a cold day.

7. Bad Guys Book Set-Bowen owns several of these books and they’re his favorites.  If you’re looking for a good graphic novel set for around eight-years-old, try these.  Both of my boys don’t enjoy reading so if they get remotely excited about a certain book, I’m all in!  These books do it for Bowen.

8. Electronic Football Game-This is another gift my boys have gotten before and loved!  Bowen requested his own since the other game was technically Nixon’s.  

9. Football Jersey-These salute to service jerseys are a great option if your kid already owns his favorite players’ game day jersey.

10. Team Beanie-Bowen is all in with his team support.

11. Fishing Backpack-My boys were bit by the fishing bug this past summer when day after day many of their friends met up to spend hours fishing.  Bowen asked for this backpack to make those days easier.

Hope you found something or got an idea reading over the list.  What are your boys asking for this year?

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  1. 11.18.20
    Elspeth Mizner said:

    I love the mix of indoor and outdoor activities!! So smart and great for them to do things together! Thanks for sharing!

  2. 11.18.20
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    Great round up! Carter started asking for clothes last year too, and I was ALL ABOUT IT!

  3. 11.18.20
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    Boys are hard. The end. 😉

  4. 11.19.20
    csuhpat1 said:

    I remember when my son was seven and we went to every store in the Mall looking for the right pair of shoes-lol.

  5. 11.19.20
    Kasey said:

    My 10 yr is asking for the hover board attachment that turns your board into a "race car." I think technically it is called the buggy attachment—check it out. Also, circuits and new tennis shoes!