A Confession….

First up, I’d like to start this post by saying that I really try not to be a complainer.  I do my best to look on the bright side and always find something to be thankful for BUT when it comes to this topic I’ve got nothing positive to say….
Do you see him?

I must confess our elf, Sparky, hasn’t made it to our house yet.  My kids keep asking where he could be and I have every intention of making some sort of note saying he broke his leg and will have a delayed visit this year, he’s helping with ELF Training and has a few things to wrap up before he arrives, or he got stuck in a horrible snow storm at the North Pole and just cannot safely travel at the moment.  But for some reason, when I begin writing the note, I PANIC!  They’re older now, beginning to ask questions, and I feel like they’re going to know it’s OUR paper or it’s a pen WE OWN!


I realize they ask ZERO questions once he arrives and this tiny little stuffed elf is REAL to them, but for some reason they’ve got me frozen in fear of them knowing the note is ALL ME! 

What is wrong with me?

I’m 99% sure this is the last year my two big kiddos will believe.  {Nixon is already asking some really good questions and I’m being one hundred percent honest but he hasn’t connected that Santa not being real could mean the elf isn’t real either?  Which sounds WAY crazier when I type it all out.  I basically think he’s in that-he really knows BUT the magic is hard to let go of kind of stage.}  
And I would just bring him back today BUT Tab’s been traveling and wanted to see Sparky’s arrival first hand.  Tab is coming home tonight so we should be all set to go with a fun surprise tomorrow morning. 

Until then, I’ll spend my morning before they awake trying to write like an elf {and odds, are panicking and throwing ALL the notes away-JUST in case they notice}.

Clearly, we all have a little crazy and that ELF is bringing out some of mine!  Hope this brought a little smile to your face today, friends!


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