A Confession….

First up, I’d like to start this post by saying that I really try not to be a complainer.  I do my best to look on the bright side and always find something to be thankful for BUT when it comes to this topic I’ve got nothing positive to say….
Do you see him?

I must confess our elf, Sparky, hasn’t made it to our house yet.  My kids keep asking where he could be and I have every intention of making some sort of note saying he broke his leg and will have a delayed visit this year, he’s helping with ELF Training and has a few things to wrap up before he arrives, or he got stuck in a horrible snow storm at the North Pole and just cannot safely travel at the moment.  But for some reason, when I begin writing the note, I PANIC!  They’re older now, beginning to ask questions, and I feel like they’re going to know it’s OUR paper or it’s a pen WE OWN!


I realize they ask ZERO questions once he arrives and this tiny little stuffed elf is REAL to them, but for some reason they’ve got me frozen in fear of them knowing the note is ALL ME! 

What is wrong with me?

I’m 99% sure this is the last year my two big kiddos will believe.  {Nixon is already asking some really good questions and I’m being one hundred percent honest but he hasn’t connected that Santa not being real could mean the elf isn’t real either?  Which sounds WAY crazier when I type it all out.  I basically think he’s in that-he really knows BUT the magic is hard to let go of kind of stage.}  
And I would just bring him back today BUT Tab’s been traveling and wanted to see Sparky’s arrival first hand.  Tab is coming home tonight so we should be all set to go with a fun surprise tomorrow morning. 

Until then, I’ll spend my morning before they awake trying to write like an elf {and odds, are panicking and throwing ALL the notes away-JUST in case they notice}.

Clearly, we all have a little crazy and that ELF is bringing out some of mine!  Hope this brought a little smile to your face today, friends!


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  1. 12.5.18
    Amy Heinl said:

    Type it and print it out using a fancy font…you could say he was late because he was learning to write fancy so he could help Santa with his Christmas cards. When my son reached the age of your older 2, I explained to him that the spirit of Santa lives in our hearts and now he gets to be a Santa too. I took him to pick a name from a giving tree and let him be "Santa" by doing Christmas for this child and or family. He loved wrapping their gifts and signing them from Santa and it's something he continues to do at age 23
    …so he never lost the magic of Santa

  2. 12.5.18
    LCC said:

    My oldest son was so mad at my husband and me when he found out Santa wasn't real. He was horrified we had been 'lying to him all those years'. He was like so you and dad just eat the cookies and milk yourselves?? Horrified. So I didn't do Santa with my younger 3. And Christmas is still equally as magical. And they still ask me will I please get an elf!! Knowing it would be ME moving him around! So don't put too much pressure on yourself! It will be wonderful any way you do Christmas!

  3. 12.5.18
    Sarah said:

    could you type out a letter using a special font and maybe use colored or decorated printer paper?

  4. 12.5.18
    Danielle Mcdermott said:

    My little cousin is in 5th grade and the elf came back this year! We all know she knows it's not real, but she knows that when she's done, it's over cuz she's our family baby! The two could play you for one .more year! Ha!

  5. 12.5.18
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    I just put ours in the freezer for the 2nd time in a week. He's holding on to an ice cream bar. That's all I had in me this morning. That silly elf makes me absolutely crazy, but I know I'll be so sad when Carter doesn't believe anymore!

  6. 12.5.18
    Joanie said:

    Several years ago my younger son wrote a note to our elf asking him a bunch of questions. Elf wrote him back but he had typed his letter on a computer in the tiniest font size (& using Curlz font in green ink). It was so cute & we almost had to use a magnifying glass to read it. �� Let the magic continue! Mine are both teens now & Elf still comes to visit. ❤️

  7. 12.5.18
    Unknown said:

    Just use your left hand to write! Elves probably have sloppy handwriting Anyway!:)

  8. 12.5.18
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    My Elf has been here for four days and this morning, I already thought to myself "I hate moving that thing". #tistheseason

  9. 12.5.18
    Unknown said:

    I'm so glad we chose not to do santa with our kids and they missed the elf hoopla! Who needs that added stress?? Lol

  10. 12.5.18
    Haley Bishop said:

    I am SO glad I am not the only one, it stresses me out to no end. Case has been asking SO many questions and the pastor at our church basically ruined it this weekend…he had a basket of things that can deter us from the REAL meaning of Christmas this season and as he was holding up an elf, he said-parents have to be creative for these elves and get so stressed about it. Um……I was so bummed. I try so hard not to talk much about the elf and Santa, our elf only moves, I can't bring myself to get creative. GOOD LUCK MAMMA & Tab!

  11. 12.5.18
    Anonymous said:

    I’m laughing so hard at you sitting down and trying to write like an elf. Haha! Presley wrote 3 notes to our elf last night and asked him to reply. Do you mind whipping up an extra note while you are at it. 😉

  12. 12.5.18
    Ann said:

    My kids are 29 and almost 25 and have never publicly acknowledged doubt about Santa’s existence. We didn’t do the Elf but they have always done a scavenger hunt to find their presents Christmas morning. (Santa leaves the clues). And will be this year! LOL

  13. 12.5.18
    Marla Slaughter said:

    I’ll be glad to write all your notes and plan where Sparky goes! All you’ll have to do is put him there! Its worth every minute to keep magic in tact! We have enough “reality” in all our lives. Let kids be kids while you can! ❤️❤️❤️

  14. 12.5.18
    Tiffany Martha said:

    Honestly, I don't think we ever have to "explain" about Santa or the elf. Eventually, they will get it and it just becomes part of the fun of the season. My kids ( 15, 13 and 7) have never confused Santa with Jesus. I will also never sit down and have the "talk" with them about Santa. He will always be the fun part of our season. I have a feeling Santa will always visit them at our home. This way…. I feel no pressure to do anything. :). Whatever you decide to do… just listen to what is in your heart. It doesn't matter what anyone else does. As for the elf and his explanations…maybe he doesn't have to say or write anything at all. Maybe it can just be a fun guessing game for your kids! See…. no pressure! Blessings from Oklahoma!

  15. 12.5.18
    Unknown said:

    I love your stockings! Will you share where they are from? And, the elf…I have a 17 year old and 3 15 year olds and a 6 year old. I thought I was done with the elf several years ago. But, my 15 year old daughter insisted that the elf come back for the little one. And, that she would take care of moving it. Do you want to guess how many nights she has been the one to move it thus far?!?!?

  16. 12.5.18
    Laci said:

    I am laughing so hard because we all feel the same way! Our Elf hasn't made it this year yet either, they must be at elf school together 🙂

  17. 12.5.18
    Unknown said:

    We had a friend that wrote a letter that stated there elf was sorry but he was needing to make new toys and furniture for the boys and girls in the California wild fires who lost everything. My two oldest have taken over elf duties. Best day ever. They hide and move it everyday for the youngest. Best day ever!

  18. 12.5.18
    Kristin Tate said:

    Xander is 9 and I've already had those thoughts and feelings that this may be the last year. He truly still believes, I'm hoping to squeeze one more year out of him. I wrote left handed on the note with paper and pen from my office, he totally would've picked up on it otherwise.

  19. 12.5.18
    Johannah Sirois said:

    We have an Elf also. My oldest daughter is 12, and my youngest is 5. It's been a couple of years now since my 12 year hasn't "believed". She wasn't mad when she found out, and actually she has SO much fun now helping me with our Elf for my youngest daughter. She helps me come up with ideas and notes for the Elf.

  20. 12.5.18
    JustAPeach said:

    Reading the comments, why don't you wrote a note for Presley for Narci and have Narci write your note? Maybe they won't recognize the handwriting as easily.

  21. 12.5.18
    Linda Filtzkowski said:

    Our Elf always shows up on St. Nicholas Day, a holiday that my family(and my moms family) celebrated as kids so is kind of the official start to our holiday season. St. Nicholas leaves a little bag of sweet treats and nuts on the porch when no one is looking and then our elf arrives somewhere in the house the next morning. No big appearance, you just have to look around and find her!

  22. 12.5.18
    Stacy said:

    Ours just came back on Monday and so it’s day 3 and I already forgot to move him.. ugh. That little elf is so annoying!!

  23. 12.5.18
    Amanda @ That Inspired Chick said:

    I'm starting to worry that Matthew will go to middle school believing in that elf! I'm a little nervous he's never going to figure it out on his own and I'm going to have to sit him down and break it to him. I think I've done too good a job at lying to my children which sounds so awful! hahaha
    That Inspired Chick

  24. 12.5.18
    Casey said:

    That stupid elf is what got my daughter to quit believing in Santa. She said he looked fake so if he was fake then Santa probably was too. Now, she was not disappointed, it didn't take the magic away from Christmas and it didn't confuse her believing in Jesus as some people fear. But I spent all those years moving (or most of the time forgetting to move) that little guy and he is the one that ended up giving it away with his "doll" face. So, when we moved, he didn't move along with us. My son asked a couple times where Benji was but finally just accepted it and Christmas has been so much easier the last 2 years. Now, once my son quits believing in Santa I may bring the elf out to be funny and let him get in trouble. Our elf wasn't mischievous because the point of him was to make sure the kids were behaving and so he didn't misbehave.

  25. 12.5.18
    azbaby24 said:

    I write as our elf with my left hand. I type the welcome letter but for a note or any words, I hide my handwriting. I do upside down e’s too just to go further down the rabbit hole.

  26. 12.6.18
    azbaby24 said:

    Plus I have a night alarm so I don’t forget to move him and Etsy props when I wanna be fancy

  27. 12.6.18
    Paula said:

    I agree with Tiffany Martha above 100%. Don't sweat. I tell me 13, "If you believe, you receive. You don't, you won't." He gives me the sode eye and smirk. It is understood. And he helps with the elf for my younger two. So that is fun. Just let it flow.

  28. 12.6.18
    Marilu said:

    Why don’t you have Tab put the elf in his suitcase & when he opens it to unpack he will be there. You wouldn’t have to write anything. He got lost this year but somehow found Tab. The kiddos will probably come up with that conclusion on their own.

  29. 12.6.18
    Julie Bradford said:

    this is cracking me up… and I realize I am a day late so maybe you brought him out last night…
    I've never written a note.. I always write w lipstick on the bathroom mirrors. JESSI & JULIA WE ARE BACK!! they love it!!! and as far as coming up with ideas Skeeter and Tiggy just move around… this morning they did sit out mugs and choc for the girls milk at breakfast.. but ours do not get crazy bc I don't want to clean the mess up.. I have a hard enough time cleaning the house.. 🙂

  30. 12.7.18
    CRB said:

    So hard as your babies grow and become in-tune with reality and 'the real-world' BUT I would say the MAGIC will always be there as long as Jesus is the Reason for the Season! AND it is actually pretty awesome to have that older child 'help' with the friendly elf 🙂 Our oldest LOVES helping!!!!

  31. 12.7.18
    Misty S. said:

    I am 42 years old and have NEVER been told by my parents that Santa isn't real. Of course I knew it at about 10 years old but my parents never telling me kept the magic in Christmas! Even as adults with our own kids, my parents always put out "Santa" presents at their house on Christmas morning for my brother, his wife, me, my husband, and all the grandkids. I was taught, and teach my own kids, that when you stop believing in Santa you stop getting gifts. It works for our family.