2nd Annual Cookie Decorating Party (Boys Included)…

 On Saturday, December 22nd, everyone (including my mom’s two sisters and all their families plus the grandparents) came to my mom’s house for a cookie decorating party and dinner.  Last year we had the party girl’s only, but this year we let the guys attend.  These girlies started the party off by decorating some cookies.
 We decorated chocolate chip cookies and marshmallows to look like melting snowmen.  They turned out super cute!
 Ebby Lee was super into decorating it herself this year.  She did great!
 Nixon got in on the action too.  He is a big fan of icing.  🙂
 Ebby Lee’s final product.  So cute!  Nixon and I couldn’t take a picture of ours.  He ate it before we were finished!
 Tori and Tarah with their snowmen cookies.
 Morgan and Erika…oh…right after this picture Nixon scarfed some of it down.
 Then T-Nonnie put us to work making other Christmas creations.  Lindsey went to town on this grape tree.  Love that Morgan approves!  ha!
 My mom’s sister, Rene’, Grandma, and T-Nonnie
 Girls hard at work.
 Aunt Gina holding Baby Paxton.  Baby Paxton had grown a TON since we saw him last (when he was just a week old)!
 Some of the guys relaxing.
 Grandpa got some snuggling time in with Bowen.
 Nixon and Ty…almost dressed alike!  (My camera does this weird thing sometimes like it captures the dust??  Don’t pay attention to the next few pictures.  Hopefully, 2013 will bless me with a new camera.  Hint! Hint!  Tab, are you reading this??)  Ty taught Nixon some CRAZY things.  One being (while holding one fist in the air) “Do you want the hospital or (while holding the other fist in the air) the graveyard?”  Nixon has said that TONS since we saw Ty.  Poor Nix always responded with “The Graveyard!”  ha!  Don’t worry!!  There’s no telling the crazy things Tab, Nixon, and I will teach those little DeClue kiddos!  (Sorry, Morgan!!)
 Sweet kiddos eating dinner.  Ebby Lee-3, Nixon-2, and Brynn-1
 Then it was GAME TIME!!  Love how great our family is at participating!!  No one even complained.  Whitney and I came up with the idea to play a game or two to liven up the party.  Whitney found the perfect game for the occasion!!  We split into 2 big groups.  We had to run down to my grandparents, blow up a balloon, stuff it in the panty hose, and run back.  We did this until there were 10 balloons on each side of the panty hose to make reindeer antlers.  Then the team had to all sing “Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer”!  The first team finished…won!
 Morgan and Tori blowing up their balloons. 
 The others waiting for their turn.
 The audience…ha!
 Grandma’s team finished first!  Here they are singing.
What good sports!!  They were both champs for participating!!  What a fun night!
After this (the 2 other pictures won’t upload??) Aunt Rene’ asked all the girls about memorizing scripture and being a part of Beth Moore’s Siesta Memory Group.  In true Aunt Rene’ form, tears may have been involved, but I think it will be so much fun and definitely something I need to work on!  Twice a month, we have to go to Beth Moore’s blog and add the scriptures we’ll be memorizing.  If we keep up with it all year long, then in January of 2014, there’s a conference just for the Siestas in Houston.  Hopefully, we’ll all keep up with it, know 24 new verses by 2014, and can have a great girl’s weekend in Houston! 
Love making memories like this with my family!!  Missouri Day 1 was a huge success!!

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  1. 12.31.12
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    Your family is so fun! I love how everyone gets into the spirit of things and plays along. Next time, I want to come!