2 Monkeys & A Couples’ Shower…

Tonight I (should say WE, but Tab got a playoff football game and was in Montana. He was super bummed about missing it and I was super bummed about having no help…ha!) hosted a couples’ shower for our sweet friends, the Venters. So…today while I was cleaning, cooking, and getting things ready my two little monkeys were jumping on their crib mattresses in the living room. I’m going to remember this for our next rainy day. They loved it and it kept them busy for at least an hour! Mama got a lot done!!

Looks like N was multi-tasking…a book, jumping, AND a drink?


The chili bar, apps, and desserts were all ready!

Sweet Melissa bailed me out of my cake dilemma…love me some Melissa at Kroger!! Lifesaver!

Baby Peyton will be here soon. Can’t wait to meet the little guy!

Casey & Sarah…Casey went to college with me & Tab at ASU. We just accidentally ended up living in the same city!! We love the Venters and are really looking forward to meeting Baby Peyton!

Sarah & her sweet Mama…who came ALL the way from Florida!

Love this girl!
Happy Baby Shower Night!

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  1. 12.3.11
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    Your house looks sooooo good! The table decor was super, super cute, the food looked really yummy and the cake was worth the wait (it looked beautiful!). You did such a good job!!