10 Things That Make Me Happy-Take 2

A while back I did a blog post featuring 10 things that make me happy.  You should go read.  I still 100 percent agree with all 10 of those things.  But I thought it’d be fun to add to that list.  I guess I should title this post, 10 MORE Things That Make Me Happy.  🙂

#1 Netflix
Netflix just makes me happy.  I never realized how much I dislike commercials until I fell in love with Netflix. All those shows right at your fingertips.  My list of Netflix shows I’ve watched…Gilmore Girls, Parenthood, Fuller House, One Tree Hill, Hart of Dixie, Breaking Bad, and currently Gossip Girl.  Anyone out there watch Gossip Girl?  How did I miss this show?  It’s good!

#2 Longer Days
I’m a big fan of a cozy night in when it’s dark by six o’clock, but long days playing outside make me really happy.  Couple that with a boys against girls soccer game after dinner…I’m ecstatic. 

#3 Laundry All Caught Up
Not pictured because that never happens.  😉  If it did happen, it would make me crazy happy.

#4 These Ages
As much as I’d love to go back and have three babies under one roof, these ages make me so happy. Our kiddos can play games like a boss, get and throw out humor, clean, and shower/bathe themselves!  I’m going to repeat that one because it’s important.  They can shower/bathe themselves!!  These ages are really fun.  They make me happy.

#5 A Getaway with My Favorite
This just happened so my happy tank is FULL!  Getting away for a few days with Tab is so nice and so important for our marriage!  And I’m so thankful for grandparents who will hold down the fort.

#6 A New Bible Study
There’s just something about a fresh start with a new Bible study.  Do you agree?  I finished Seamless a couple months ago and highly recommend it.  Please let me know if you have any great recommendations.  🙂 

#7 Girl Time
I’m a girl’s girl and lunch out, a dinner in, or a good phone session is good for my soul.  

#8 Fresh Clean Sheets
There’s nothing like fresh clean sheets on the bed.  Right?  And that sleeping cutie is just a bonus.

#9 Mexican Food
It’s my weakness!  I have no self control when there’s guacamole in the house!  I could eat Mexican food daily and never tire.

#10 Early Morning Wake Ups
I must tell you this Christmas break our family slept in!  I don’t remember the last time I’ve slept until 7:30 or 8:00 but it happened a lot over the break.  We didn’t have much on the agenda so I knew any work I had to do could be done during the day.  We had some late nights and late mornings and it was so nice.  But on my regular days, I love getting up early, being productive, and getting things done before I get the kids up for school.

Now it’s your turn…what are some things that make YOU happy?

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  1. 1.4.17
    Leslie said:

    Yes on so many of those! There's nothing like snuggling up under clean sheets! Also, I may or may not ask the server to leave multiple bowls of salsa at the table. #sorrynotsorry


    • 1.4.17
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Extra salsa all around!! I completely agree!

  2. 1.4.17
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    All of these things make me happy too!!!! Insert all my happy feelings HERE.

    • 1.4.17
      Erika Slaughter said:


  3. 1.4.17
    Sarah Shaneyfelt said:

    I've heard Seamless is great! I'm going through 1 Peter by Jen Wilken and it has a video to watch every week. I am learning so much and highly recommend it!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

    • 1.4.17
      Erika Slaughter said:

      I'm going to check that out. Thanks for the recommendation!

    • 1.4.17
      The Mannings said:

      Yes, I highly recommend Jen's studies. I have been going to her bible studies for 4 years now and I have learned so much. I am currently doing her Genesis study and I have never loved the Old Testament so much. 1 Peter is one of my favorites and I continuously go back to that book in the bible because of what I learned!!

  4. 1.4.17
    Meagan @ The Clanahan Fam said:

    I'm with ya on the early morning wake up – I NEED to have that time to get myself prepared for the day. Even if it means I need a nap later 😉 Let's see, other things that make me happy… my crockpot (lame but true), a good work out sweat session (the kind I think I might actually die but somehow survive, ha), Sonic diet cokes, and my Christmas tree lights in the morning. #notreadytotakethetreedown

    • 1.4.17
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Crock Pot is a GOOD one! We took our tree down Monday. I'm trying to figure out why I thought that wall looked good before the tree. It's so blah.

  5. 1.4.17
    Kimm said:

    I find hat I am more productive and happiest when I get up early and get my day started before the kids up.

    • 1.4.17
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Me too, girl!

  6. 1.4.17
    Whitney Pegram said:

    Amen to #3! And Mexican food …. all the big puffy red hearts!

  7. 1.4.17
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    I'm still laughing that I texted you that there was a picture missing. DUH. Hysterical! Not many things make me happier than vacuum lines!!!!!!!!

  8. 1.4.17
    Holly said:

    Ok! This is so fun! You inspired me to create my first list. I posted it if you want to check it out (http://holly-pinklady.blogspot.com/2017/01/10-things-that-make-me-happy.html) Love your blog Erika! Holly @ Pink Lady

  9. 1.4.17
    Anonymous said:

    Girl, these things make me so happy too! I could go for a brisket taco pretty much any time of the day. Haha!

  10. 1.4.17
    Elaine Welte said:

    I love that two of my girls are able to bathe themselves now!

  11. 1.4.17
    Elaine Welte said:

    Oh, and Parenthood!!! Love that show!

  12. 1.4.17
    Unknown said:

    Yes, m'am on so many of those! Salsa, chips, quac, finished laundry (although it never happens), that morning time! I'll have to add Seamless to my list. I'm looking for a new one since my Mama group is finishing up Children of the Day. I just LOVE Angie Smith so I'll be checking it out. Thanks! 🙂

  13. 1.4.17
    Beth said:

    All of the She Reads Truth Bible studies are excellent!! They are usually 2-3 weeks long and then switch to a different book of the Bible. They are all straight from the Word, which I love! I do their Bible study every morning during my quiet time, and it takes 20-30 minutes. So good for the soul!

  14. 1.4.17
    Kelly S said:

    I love early mornings too. I NEVER used to, but now I'm addicted to getting up when the house is quiet and it is super dark out. I head straight to my chair in the livingroom, light a candle, and read my Bible, pray, and then get some stuff done. It's so productive. Also, I HIGHLY suggest you watch the series THE CROWN on Netflix….so so so good. I'm so sad it's over.

  15. 1.4.17
    Debra said:

    The laundry, ugh! I get it washed, dried and usually folded. But, putting it away, why is that so hard? And the socks, I hate matching up the the socks! I have two baskets with unmatched socks in them right now! Mexican food, is there anything better? Nope!

  16. 1.4.17
    Britt Hensley said:

    Who needs Netflix and chill when Netflix and Mexican food is an option?! Give me all the queso!

  17. 1.4.17
    Anna said:

    Want to check out Seamless, thanks! Would love for you to do a post on your favorite bible studies/devotionals!

  18. 1.4.17
    Allison said:

    I LOVED Gossip Girl! I watched Pretty Little Liars on Netflix too and while it's a little corny and very much for teens, I loved it ha!

  19. 1.4.17
    lauren said:

    I just finished binge watching Gossip Girl and I am so sad it's over! Beware – season 6 is only 10 episodes 🙁

  20. 1.4.17
    McFarland Family said:

    Yes yes yes to all of these!! Give me alllll the chips and salsa….and queso

  21. 1.4.17
    Jenny said:

    Such a good list. I'd also have to add, sitting down with my first cup of coffee for the day. I rush around all morning getting the kids ready for school and as soon as I get them on the bus, it's finally time to sit a minute and enjoy my coffee. Bliss!

  22. 1.4.17
    Mrs W said:

    So I had to go back and read your first post about the 10 things that make you happy and I have to say that I totally relate to the Type AB personality. I'd love to have a completely organized household, alphabetically arranged DVD collection, and my calendar all nice and tidy complete with a week's worth of healthy meal plans but honestly, I can barely keep up with laundry and normal day to day chores!! But date nights, family game nights and dinners together where nobody is distracted on their phones fills my happy tank! Thanks for sharing your list with us!:)

  23. 1.4.17
    Ellen said:

    My husband and I are part of a couples Bible study and we are constantly looking for our next material. Do you think the Seamless study could be done with both men and women or is it pretty geared towards women only? Or, any other study recommendations would be wonderful!

  24. 1.4.17
    Valerie Cox said:

    Gossip Girl is one of my fave shows! If only I could have Blair's supply of headbands!
    I just finished Jenn Wilkin's 1 Peter study and loved it!

  25. 1.5.17
    Mandi S. said:

    I love that you watched Hart of Dixie! Thought it was too cute. I am looking for my very first ever bible study. Do you think this would be good for a "beginner"

  26. 1.5.17
    Olivia said:

    Girl how do you have 51 messages at 5 in the morning? LOL. Watching Netflix as we speak. I'm doing Jesus Always this year. It's not really a Bible study but looks good so far. I still have Seamless but haven't started it.

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